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Your Number One Choice For Workshop Curtains

Here at AA Covers, we are constantly striving to produce high quality workshop curtain for businesses in the South East, London and Essex. These curtains, manufactured from the very best PVC material, are made to measure so we can guarantee that they will be a great fit for your workshop.

We are able to tailor certain aspects of our curtains to suit your workshop, so if you require a specific thickness or colour, this is definitely something that we can incorporate. We hope that by offering such a range of choice, this will help to convince you that we are the very best workshop curtain manufacturers around.

For businesses who would like us to fit their curtains, this is also something that we offer. Our curtain fitting service is quick and hassle free, ensuring that your curtains are installed in no time at all.

Why Workshop Curtains?

There are a multitude of benefits that workshop curtains can provide to a business. Please have a read below to find out about some of them:

Keeps Areas Separate

Workshops can have a range of different areas to them, many of which may need to be separated. The reasons for this can be anything from containing mess to reducing noise and workshop curtain is effective at doing all this and more. Separating these areas also allows workers to focus on the tasks at hand, resulting in greater productivity.

Increases Worker Safety

Our fantastic workshop curtain is made from transparent PVC material, allowing workers to see through it. This goes a long way to reducing the amount of accidents within the workshop as workers will now find it easier to see one and other coming through the curtains.

Low Maintenance

Workshop curtains are extremely low maintenance due to their lack of moving parts. As a result, they are much less likely to break or become damaged, meaning that less money will be spent on repair costs.

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Why Choose AA Covers?

We strongly believe that there is no one better at producing and fitting curtains. But should you want some reasoning to back up this claim, please see below:

  • We have over 40 years of industry experience
  • All our production and maintenance occurs in-house, allowing us to offer a faster service
  • Our installers also come from in-house
  • We can produce products exactly to your needs and specifications
  • We cover the whole of the UK and Ireland
  • We provide free, no obligation, surveys and quotes, contact us today to get yours

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