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Your Number One Business For Butchers Curtains

At AA Covers, we are proud to say that we provide butchers curtains to businesses across the whole of the South East as well as to Essex and London. The curtains are made from high quality PVC material making them perfect for any butchers or abattoir owners.

Our PVC butchers curtains are all produced in-house and their thickness, size and colour can all be to your specifications. At AA Covers, we adapt our products to you, rather than you having to adapt to our products.

Another example of how we tailor our service to you is that our highly skilled team are able to cut the butchers curtains to fit your property. We can also install the curtains, making the whole process extremely easy and stress free.

Why Butchers Curtains?

There are many advantages to a butchers or abattoir having high quality PVC butchers curtain, the best of which are listed below:

Reduces The Chance Of Contamination

Health and safety should always be a butcher’s number one priority and a butchers curtain assists with this. The curtain creates a barrier which drastically reduces the chances of dust and dirt from entering the facility and contaminating the meat.

Very Hygienic

Mess is an occupational hazard in the environment of a butchers but a butchers curtain can also help with this. Made from smooth PVC material, any mess, and bacteria that goes with it, can be easily wiped away thus helping to keep the hygiene standards high.

Saves Energy

A butchers often has a loading area that is exposed to the outside conditions meaning that the temperature inside can be lost easily. A butchers curtain will help to keep the inside temperature constant as there will be less room for air to be lost. This will reduce the amount of money that butchers will have to spend on energy.

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Why Choose AA Covers?

At AA Covers, we like to let our service speak for itself but if you are in need of more convincing, please check out below some of the reasons as to why we are so good at what we do.

  • We have over 40 years of top quality industry experience
  • All our products are produced and repaired in-house, giving us a faster service
  • All our installers also come from in-house
  • We can produce our products at any shape, size or colour
  • We cover all of the UK and Ireland
  • We offer free surveys and quotes, contact us today to get yours

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