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Kit Box Tunnel Eco is the low-cost version of Kit Box Tunnel. The difference consist in the PVC-type, which is not flame-retardant and offers a smaller range of colours. Moreover, it is not equipped with inserts in micro-perforated material.
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This product is the most versatile cover in the product range. It can be adjusted for many uses, even though it is born to cover cars.

We deliver it partially assembled, in order to reach a passage height of 240 cm.

This Tunnel product is available in 2 versions:

  • Base: The cheaper model, after installation the structure can be packed up quickly on itself.
  • Mobile: Equipped with wheels to let the structure scroll on the ground and tension bars to quickly lock the structure in its open position.

Available Sizes (cm):

412 / 515 / 618 / 721 / 824 250

PVC Types & Colours

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