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The Best Place For Cold Room Curtains

At AA Covers, we manufacture cold room strip curtains for businesses in the South East, Essex and London. The curtains are produced from the finest plastic material and are made to measure. In addition to this, we can also alter the thickness and colour of the curtains depending on your requirements.

Our team are not just highly skilled in producing the cold room curtains, they can install them too. Should you require this service, our team are on hand to install your curtains in a quick and efficient manner. We choose to use our own team for installation as we believe that it provides a quicker and more personable service.

Why Cold Room Curtain?

We at AA Covers believe that there are many benefits to cold room curtains. Take a look at some of them below:

Improves Insulation

The main benefit of cold room curtain is that they keep the cold air in by acting as insulators. This will help to ensure that whatever is being stored in the cold room will remain at an optimal temperature. It will also help to save on energy costs as less energy will now be needed to keep the cold room at the required temperature.

Improves Safety

Cold room strip curtains also improve safety as they reduce the need for quick acting roller shutter doors. As well as this, they allow people to see if anyone is in the cold room, reducing the likelihood of collisions.

Increases The Speed Of Operations

As cold room curtain can just be walked through, with no need to close anything behind you, the speed of operations dramatically increases. There are no doors to constantly open and close so workers can just transfer stock into the cold room in a quick and efficient manner.

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Why Choose AA Covers?

We at AA Covers believe that we are the very best at what we do and we would love to assist you in finding the right cold room curtain for your business. Below are just some of the reasons why you should choose us.

  • We have over 40 years of experience within the industry
  • All production and maintenance occurs in-house, allowing us to offer a quicker service
  • As mentioned above, our installers also come from in-house
  • We can produce our products exactly to your specifications
  • We serve the whole of the UK and Ireland
  • We provide free, no obligation, surveys and quotes, to get yours contact us today

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