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Retractable Maxi Box Tunnels
Retractable Maxi Box Tunnel are ideal covering for large vehicles or trucks up to 3.2m in height. Just like the other extendable tunnels we supply, a Maxi Box provides you with good cover from the elements. These include strong sunlight, rain, hail and snow. Our Retractable Maxi Box Tunnel can also be closed in just a few moments, despite their considerable size.
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Due to their large dimensions, Retractable Maxi Box Tunnel can be used for a variety of different purposes. They are commonly used as covers for small trucks and vans, as small warehouses, or for general storage.
Choose your Retractable Maxi Box Tunnel

Maxi Boxes are available in two versions:

  • Base: the cheaper model. Once the installation is completed, the structure can be packed up quickly.
  • Mobile: this model comes equipped with wheels. The wheels allow the structure to roll along the ground with ease. The mobile model also features tension bars which quickly lock the structure in the open position.

Available sizes for the Maxi Box

Maxi Box (cm)

525 / 630 / 735 / 840 400, 500, 600 320, 320, 320 371, 376, 386


The box is composed by modules of 105 cm each, so there are no length limits.
This model is delivered partly pre-assembled.


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