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Copripiscina Swimming Pool Cover

The Copripiscina is a revolutionary swimming pool cover and protection system. The lightweight aluminium frame and PVC top cover make it a highly functional product. This great swimming pool cover offers protection from dust and dirt, insects and leaves and provides exemplary winter cover.

Please note that this product is patented.

Suggested for
The Copripiscina is ideal for covering swimming pools.
Choose your Copripiscina
There is only one style of Copripiscina available, with a passage height of 200cm. It is also possible to equip the Copripiscina with a double top cover system. This cover system traps air which limits the amount of heat that can escape from the pool.

Available sizes for the Copripiscina Swimming Pool Cover

Copripiscina passage height 200(cm)

525 / 630 / 735 / 840 / 945 from 300 to 700 200

The box is composed of modules measuring 105 cm each, so there are no length limits.
This swimming pool cover is delivered partly pre-assembled.

PVC Types & Colours

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