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Coprivasca Sliding Aggregate Covers

Coprivascas are innovative and light Sliding Aggregate Covers, designed to cover outground tanks and protect their contents from bad weather. They are composed of two fixed modules, each about 60 cm, which are placed at the two extremities of the structure (4 fixed modules in total). While they can not be closed on themselves, the fixed modules easily slide along rails. This contributes to the stability of the structure. The remaining modules can be closed on the structure itself, adding yet more stability. The remaining modules can also be closed on themselves and have a standard length of 105 cm.

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Coprivascas are Sliding Aggregate Cover, which are designed to cover outground tanks. Their primary function is to protect the contents of the tank from the elements.

Available sizes for the Coprivasca

Coprivasca passage height 200(cm)


PVC Types & Colours

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