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Cargo Box Tunnels
Thanks to the new profiles and the new assembling system, Retractable Cargo Box Tunnels can reach a width of 12 meters. Whatsmore, they boast a side height of 5 meters. Finally, they have no length limits, since you can combine the modules of 105 cm each to reach the desired length.
Suggested for
Our Boxes can reach very large dimensions. So, you may use them as proper warehouses, allowing the stock of large quantities of goods. You are also able to use them to lodge some manufacturing processes.
Choose your Retractable Cargo Box Tunnel
Our retractable Cargo Box Tunnels are only available in the mobile version. They are equipped with nylon wheels and anti-lift floor rails.

Available sizes for the Cargo Box

Cargo Box (cm)

315 / 420 / 525 / 630 / 735 / 840 / 945 / 1050 from 500 to 1200 350 / 400 / 450 / 500

PVC Types & Colours

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