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Centina Scorrevole is a special cover for trailers which can be opened and closed in a few seconds, allowing easy access to the trailer floor. It allows the transportation of objects protecting them from atmospheric agents. A special tensioning system of the structure allows a perfect tensioning of PVC sheets
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Centina Scorrevole is a product that we at AA Covers have exclusively designed for trailers. Its use is limited only to protect your cargo from bad weather and prying eyes.
This product is available only in the mobile version, equipped with sliding trolley with bearings and brackets to let the structure slide on the guides and stretching devices to quickly lock the frame in its open position.

Available sizes

Available sizes for the Centina Scorrevole

  • Trailer floor to 600 cm long
  • Trailer cover minimum height 160 cm
  • For trailer covers with a length larger than 600 cm, please contact our offices
  • N.B. Any brackets and filler metal sheets not included

  • The box is composed by modules of 105 cm each, so there are no length limits.
  • This model is delivered partly pre-assembled.

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