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Industrial door curtains are at the heart of our business here at AA Covers and we are proud to say that we can provide them to companies within the South East, Essex and London. All of our curtains are made to measure so you can relax knowing that the curtain you receive will be custom made to fit your property.

Our curtains are also made from top quality PVC material so you can be sure that they will last. In addition to this, the thickness and colour of these curtains can be adapted to suit your business’ needs.

If you would like us to fit your curtains after we have produced them, that is no problem at all. Our team has years of experience in fitting industrial curtains so we are confident that they will have them fitted for you in no time.

Why Industrial Curtains?

Industrial curtains come with a range of benefits. To find out more about these, please see below:

Separates Areas

When working in an industrial setting there is likely to be a large amount of people, machinery and vehicles. These all have the ability to get in each other’s way thus decreasing productivity within the work environment.

But, by investing in industrial curtains, these areas can now be separated whilst still allowing people and vehicles easy access to the other areas within the building. As a result, industrial curtains can play a vital role in improving business efficiency.

Reduces Noise

Sticking with the theme of improving efficiency, industrial curtains also help to reduce noise. For example, if there is a room where loud machinery is operated adjacent to a meeting room, separating them with an industrial curtain will greatly reduce the noise levels. This will lead to the messages conveyed in the meetings being clearer as there will now be less noisy distractions.

Saves Energy

Many industrial warehouses normally have at least one area that is open to the outside elements. This means that energy in the form of heating, air conditioning, etc can be lost easily. However, if an industrial curtain is fitted, the vast majority of this energy will now be contained, saving the business a considerable amount on their energy bill.

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Why Choose AA Covers?

We at AA Covers believe that we are second to none when it comes to curtain and fitting services. But if you would like to find out a bit more about us before deciding whether to use our services, please check out the information below:

  • We have over 40 years of industry experience
  • All our production and maintenance occurs in-house, allowing us to offer a faster service
  • Our installers also come from in-house
  • We can produce products exactly to your needs and specifications
  • We cover the whole of the UK and Ireland
  • We provide free, no obligation, surveys and quotes, contact us today to get yours

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