Elevate Your Industrial Space: Easy & Affordable Installations To Consider

Do you require an effective industrial partitioning system? Looking to update your warehouse space or industrial unit? Here at AA Covers, we specialise in the design, manufacture and installation of industrial curtains, partitions, doors, screens, mezzanine floors and much more.

We provide a variety of professional installations for industrial spaces, warehouses and more. In particular, our industrial partitioning systems and industrial strip curtains are two easy and affordable installations for warehouse buildings, factories, and others.

Discover how our easy and affordable installations can elevate your industrial space and be a beneficial addition to your building.

Industrial Strip Curtains

Tailor-made to fit any door openings, our industrial PVC strip curtains are all manufactured in-house. We offer a wide range of colours, sizes and thickness to suit a variety of preferences. Looking to divide areas of your warehouse? Our strip curtains provide ideal visibility and access in both directions. Plus, they help to isolate noise and airborne particles, as well as prevent loss of hot or cold air – providing you with instant energy savings.

Explore the following additional benefits to having strip curtains or strip doors installed:

  • Affordable and easy to maintain
  • Easy to repair or replace
  • Available in many colours, sizes and thicknesses
  • Suitable for light pedestrian or heavy motorised traffic
  • Good visibility and access in both directions
  • Installation Of PVC Strip Curtains quoted on request

Industrial Partitioning 

Our advanced, relocatable industrial partitioning system is the perfect cost-effective solution for dividing larger or taller buildings such as warehouses or factories. Our flexible partitioning is created by using fire-rated reinforced PVC material, plus we individually profile each one to suit the exact shape of your building – allowing it to fit around protrusions such as service pipes and ducting.

Our flexible partitioning systems include other benefits such as:

  • You do not require a costly brick and mortar walls
  • Controls against draughts, fumes, dust & other contaminants
  • Energy efficient (helps reduce your energy costs)
  • Rapid and clean installation process

Here at AA Covers, we supply a range of installation services for businesses across the South East. Contact us today to discuss your needs and requirements, we are happy to help!